Brain Enhancement with the Brain Evolution System

By | March 17, 2016

Brain Evolution System Review

Ok after 6 months of testing, it is now time to tell you about the “brain evolution system” brainwave entrainment course. If you are a beginner to brainwave entrainment then this program may be the ideal for you. It has many advantages over other brainwave entrainment programs. We will analyze them here all.


I bought brain evolution system 7 months ago. As I was thinking that it is just just another brainwave entrainment course, I read the technology they use in these recordings and I got impressed. I wanted to at least try these recordings and hopefully the company offers a FREE 30-day trial before charging you for the full program. But we will discuss about ordering later.


The Brain Evolution System Course

The Brain Evolution System features six audio tracks of 30 minutes duration each. It is intended to listen to each track for at least 30 days before proceeding to the next track. You must listen the recordings in a row and not randomly. During each track your brain learns to adapt to the various brainwave frequencies. So it is important that your brain gets used to the frequencies introduced in each track before proceeding.


I have to admit in this point that the Brainev tracks are among the best brainwave recordings that I have ever heard. Although I cannot tell you if they have a clear result, I can assure you that they were magic for my ears. They are high quality recordings of crystal clear natural sounds. You don’t realize that under these sounds there is a brainwave entrainment pattern. And this is great because if you hear just a plain binaural beat, isochronic tone or monaural beat then you will be tired and bored quickly.


I followed the instructions and completed the course in six months. I have never felt tired of it because of the rich soundscapes. The sound quality is very high and it creates a sense of being at another location. So from audio quality perspective the brain evolution system is one of the best programs you can find. Let’s see now a little about its technology.



Brainev system uses a technology called 3-P. D.E.A.P.(3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process). So what is this?


Every track combines three brainwave entrainment methods. There are binaural beats, isochronic tones and temporal brainwave entrainment. To be honest I have never heard of the last one. The temporal brainwave entrainment utilizes the brain’s function of time distinction. It is actually a support technology that enhances the efficiency of the other two brainwave entrainment methods.


Because brainwaves are not static and change in speed constantly, when the recording tries to slow down your brainwaves the temporal brainwave entrainment points the brainwaves to the correct direction.You can read more about the brain evolution system technology here.




The effects of the brain evolution system will differ across different people. And this is known as brainwave entrainment resistance. Some people’s brain may resist more than some other’s thus the first will not see a result as fast as the second group of people. I believe that my brain is somewhere in the middle, not easily entrained but also not resisting too much.


The first noticeable effect was the calmness and relaxation that was spread to my body just after 7-10 minutes. I understood very fast that my brainwaves lowered in frequency. This feeling combined with a visualization of a natural place where I could hear these sounds, created a very pleasant experience. In the first 10 days of each track, the effects were more noticeable than the rest of the 30 day course.


The course uses various brainwave entrainment frequencies at the same time helping you also not to fall asleep as you listen to each track. If you exclude some times that I was very tired and I slept (click-out) as soon as I closed my eyes, all the other times I didn’t clicked-out. I reached very deep levels of relaxation, sometimes near sleep states but I didn’t lose my consciousness. I believe that the 3-P. D.E.A.P. here helps a lot to not click-out during entrainment.


As for the long run effects, the company claims that after the program your mind will reach peak performance states on demand. I cannot confirm though such a claim because how can I measure a peak performance state? This is the main reason that I recommend this program especially to beginners; because, they will have a clearer result to compare before and after the program than me who I have listened to hundreds of such programs. Also the results aren’t observable in absolute numbers when it comes to brain performance.


How to Try the Brain Evolution System for Free

The company who developed this system offers a generous 30-day Trial Period of the program. During the trial period you will receive the first of the 6 recordings of the course via email. If during these 30 days you don’t ask for a cancellation then they will charge your credit card and they will send you via mail the whole audio-CD package and also all the free supplements of your order, in case that you want them. You will also get the recordings in mp3 format so to listen to them from your mp3 player.


There is also another way to test the brain evolution system. Click here to go to a demo page. Just fill in your name and email and you will receive a download link for a 15-minute MP3 recording. This not trial but just a 15 minute session for you just to experience the technology. If you are looking for a trial, just see below.


These guys are so confident that you will be satisfied with their product that they claim to issue you a full 100% refund if you are not satisfied during seven months from the date purchased. Ok I didn’t test if they say the truth here but you can see below their claim copied from their order page:


“If I decide to keep it, regardless of how much I’ve paid to that point, I realize I can send it back at any time within the next 7 months, in any condition, for any reason I want, and receive a full, 100% refund of every cent I’ve paid… and that you’ll simply credit my card back with the full amount, no questions asked.”

I don’t know of course if this statement is true or not because I didn’t ask for a refund as I am satisfied with the product. The fact that they give you a 30-day trial to try the first of the recordings is very good because you can check if this program works for you or not.


Please click here to go to the secure trial order page of the Brain Evolution System.

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