Game Review: Wizard 101

By | October 23, 2015



Wizard101 is an MMORPG created by KingsIsle Entertainment. Players take on the role of students of Witchcraft and Wizardry to save the Spiral, the fictional universe in which the game is played, and battle enemies by casting spells using a turn-based combat system similar to collectible card games.

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The fictional universe of the Spiral is divided into twelve worlds, each of which has multiple areas. Players can unlock these temporarily with “memberships”, or unlock each area permanently: both of these cost “crowns”, the game’s premium currency. When a wizard first starts the game, he or she will have to choose a school: Ice, Storm, Fire, Death, Life, Myth, and Balance each complete with their own set of unique spells.


The game is based around “duels”: two teams of up to four players or computer enemies take turns to cast spells. Spells can reduce the health of enemy creatures, increase the health of friends, add shields which reduce damage or add blades, traps and buffs which increase it. When a player reduces a computer enemies’ health to zero, they are destroyed, while players with a health of zero can be healed by others on their team. When every player or computer on a team has zero health, the other team wins.

As the player progresses, more worlds become available. When wizards level up they gain new badge titles and automatic increases of their base statistics: health, mana and energy. Most equipment also has level restrictions. Hobbies such as training pets, fishing and gardening require energy; crafting requires various resources. Duels can be played against other players in the PvP arena.

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